Kampong Speu Palm sugar paste

Called “Skor pieng” or “Skor sach” in Khmer, palm sugar in paste is the traditional form of the product. It is an essential ingredient in Cambodian cuisine. To obtain this form of sugar, the boiling time should be a maximum of three hours and the kneading should take at least 15 minutes. This soft-textured paste has the property of binding the other ingredients of a preparation, bringing its aromatic notes and softening the strength of the chili in spicy dishes.

Its shelf life is shorter than other forms. Over time, the residual water can separate from the paste and a liquid phase appears on the surface. However, this does not make the product unfit for consumption and does not significantly affect its flavor!


Kampong Speu palm sugar: Protected Geographical Indication
Produced naturally from the sap of the inflorescences of the sugar palm tree (Borassus flabellifer, or Palmyra Palm), Kampong Speu palm sugar owes its delicate flavors to its particular terroir and to the traditional know-how of Cambodian peasants. The Protected Geographical Indication gives you the guarantee of the origin and quality of this exceptional sugar.

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