Enrollment of new palm sugar producers


All producers in the Kampong Speu palm sugar Geographical Indication area are not yet engaged in the GI quality approach.

As the demand for high quality Kampong Speu palm sugar (GI) is increasing, the Kampong Speu Palm Sugar Promotion Association (KSPA) has started a campaign to enroll more producers. From October to December 2020, 83 new palm sugar producers joined the association and committed to comply with the quality requirements of the Protected Geographical Indication.

In total, there are now 150 producers engaged in the production of GI Kampong Speu Palm Sugar. They are harvesting the sap from 3,637 sugar palm trees with an estimated potential production of about 250 tons annually.

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Kampong Speu palm sugar: Protected Geographical Indication
Produced naturally from the sap of the inflorescences of the sugar palm tree (Borassus flabellifer, or Palmyra Palm), Kampong Speu palm sugar owes its delicate flavors to its particular terroir and to the traditional know-how of Cambodian peasants. The Protected Geographical Indication gives you the guarantee of the origin and quality of this exceptional sugar.

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